MiniMax Pan Feeder

MiniMax Pan Feeder

  • Better start-up
  • Highly efficient broiler production
  • Control pan with LED light option
  • Cleaning option
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MiniMax Pan Feeder

Better start-up:

  • A lower pan
  • The height of the MiniMax is reduced to 60 mm – 0.2 ft. This way the day-old-chicks can see the feed easily and have an excellent access to the feed.
  • 360° flooding keeps the MiniMax-pan full of feed.

Highly efficient broiler production:

  • The stepped bottom pan optimizes the feed intake.
  • The anti-waste rim eliminates practically all feed waste.

Control pan with LED light option

  • A LED light kit is available as an option for the control unit. The LED light in the control pan attracts the birds and guarantees a completely filled feeding line and feeding pans.

Cleaning option

  • When selecting the cleaning option, even the inner side of the cone can be cleaned in an easy way.