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Salgard - New Product

For treating animal feeds to control Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter. Farmtech has been appointed Distributor by Optivite for Salgard a Salmonella Feed control system.
Cal Tech - New Product

A unique calcium, mineral & vitamin supplement for broilers, layers & breeders.
Ultrabond - New Product

Farmtech has been appointed distributor by Optivite for UltraBond a Mycotoxin control system.
Maggots - New Product

Farmtech Services Ltd appointed by Lodi as Maggots Distributor; a new product for the Fly Control.
New website launch

April 2011 sees the launch of our new Farmtech website. Vibrant look with up to date content. As well as giving the website a clean, modern design, we wanted to make it user friendly, and provide an easy access point for our users to find the information they are looking for.
Elector - New Product

Farmtech Services Ltd appointed by Elanco as Elector Distributor- a new product for the control of Poultry Red Mite.

BioLink disinfectants, cleaners, fumigants, descalers, sanitisersElanco developing products that positively affect food animal production and livestock healthPelGar is focussed on two sectors of the public health market; insecticides and rodenticidesThe Kiotechagil and Optivite divisions supply high-performance natural feed additives to enhance health, efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture and agricultureLODI are renowned for the Raco, Digrain and Phobi pest control ranges that are marketed for Public, and Animal healthThe world’s favourite broiler drinking system carries the Lubing name. The reputation for high performance, absolute quality and longevity means that few broiler producers look elsewhere

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