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Multi Vitamins

  • Liquid vitamin supplement for all types of poultry
  • Gets chicks off to a good start
  • Supplement the diet during periods of stress and disease challenge
  • Support health following vaccination and drug treatment
  • Maintain growth and lay during periods of peak performance
Multi Vitamins
Prebiotic Spectrum

  • Prebiotic Spectrum is formulated to encourage a healthy gut flora
  • Supplements any nutritional requirements during periods of stress or disease challenge
Prebiotic Spectrum
Cal Tech

  • A complementary dietetic feed for poultry
  • Containing a blend of calcium, minerals & vitamins
  • Designed to support bone formation, supportive tissues & shell preparation for oestrus & reproduction
Cal Tech

  • Powerful control of pathogenic bacteria in animal feeds
  • Controls Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter
  • Heat stable, long lasting
  • Safe, non-corrosive
  • Available in powder 25kgs bag
  • Cleaner, healthier feed
  • 2 kgs per tonne standard recommendation

  • Revolutionary Mycotoxin control for cattle, layers and beef
  • Unique dual-action
  • Unparalleled binding system combines unique physico-electro properties to entrap the mycotoxins
  • Bioflavonoid compounds scavenge the liver for free radicals empowering hepatic detox processes
  • High affinity broad spectrum sorbent
  • Free flowing dust free
D3 Extra Vitamins

  • Decrease leg disorders
  • Improve skeletal growth
  • Optimise eggshell quality
  • Reduce mortality risk
  • Increase hatchability and laying persistence
D3 Extra Vitamins
Solulyte Vitamins

  • Complementary electrolyte liquid
  • Manage the birds salt balance to decrease the risk of wet litter
  • Maintain physiological PH during times of high environmental temperature
  • Decrease the risk of dehydration
Solulyte Vitamins

  • Scarper! is a highly effective aerosol spray for use to combat cannibalism and feather pecking in poultry, tail biting and protection from fly attacks
  • Scarper! has a distinctive strong smell which the attacking chicken finds repulsive
  • Repels the aggressor
  • Camouflages open wounds and pecked areas
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BioLink disinfectants, cleaners, fumigants, descalers, sanitisersElanco developing products that positively affect food animal production and livestock healthPelGar is focussed on two sectors of the public health market; insecticides and rodenticidesThe Kiotechagil and Optivite divisions supply high-performance natural feed additives to enhance health, efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture and agricultureLODI are renowned for the Raco, Digrain and Phobi pest control ranges that are marketed for Public, and Animal healthThe world’s favourite broiler drinking system carries the Lubing name. The reputation for high performance, absolute quality and longevity means that few broiler producers look elsewhere

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