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Coccidiosis Control

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Bi-OO-Cyst (Coccidiacide)

  • Bi-OO-Cyst is the first disinfectant designed to be a powerful, DEFRA approved virucide, whilst also being effective against endoparasites especially OOcysts
  • Bi-OO-Cyst is the most versatile disinfectant currently available and has been designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of today's modern livestock industry
  • Its broad spectrum of activity is effective against endoparasites including OOcysts, viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts
  • The versatility of BI-OO-Cyst offers farmers the first product that will not only disinfect but at the same time control coccidiosis all in one simple operation
  • Virucide
  • Bactericide
  • Fungicide
  • Coccidiacide effective against excreted endoparasites including unsporulated OOcysts & other worm eggs
  • Bi-OO- Cyst remains totally active in the presence of formaldehyde
Bi-OOCyst Material Safety Data Sheet
Bi-OO-Cyst (Coccidiacide)

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Coccidiosis Control, Poultry Hygiene, Bi-OO-Cyst, Coccidiosis In Chickens, DEFRA Approved Coccidial Disinfectant, Chicken Hygiene, Coccidiosis, Poultry Supplies
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