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Farmtech Services Product Range

Actellic Smoke bomb
Alarm Stats High/Low
Alfan 48" 4FT Fan
Alfan Fan Parts
Alphragen Prills 15kgs
Ammonia 25ltrs
Appletrays 700
Aqua Cleanse 20ltrs
Astro Turf
Aviblue 375gr
Aviguard 1000 doses
Bellow Applicator
Bi -OO- Cyst 5kgs
Bin Bags Heavy Gauge 100
Bin Bags Yellow Roll 200
Bio Chlor 60 Tablets
Bio Clean Aqua 5kgs
Bio Dine 5ltrs
Bio Dri 10kgs Bucket
Bio Dri 25kgs
Bio Foam E 5ltrs
Bio Kill 5kgs
Bio PH Hard water 25ltrs
Bio PH Soft water 25ltrs
Bio Phen Plus 5ltrs
Bio Quat 25ltrs
Bio Shield 5ltrs
Bio Shield 25ltrs
Bio SW 25kgs
Bio VX 10kgs
Blast Off 25ltrs
Bleach 5ltrs
Boiler Suit
Boiler Suit Nylon
Brushes, Various
Cable Ties
Cardboard 1200mm x 75m
Cardboard 300mm x 75m
Cardboard 600mm x 75m
Centre Feed Dispenser
Centre Feed Paper 3 ply 6 rolls
C-Fold Hand Dispenser
C-Fold Hand Towels
Chain Breakers
Chick Drinkers
Chick Paper 22gr 750mm x 500 mtrs
Chick Paper 28gr 1000mm x 300mtrs
Chick Paper 28gr 1500mm x 300mtrs
Chick Paper 28gr 750mm x 300mtrs
Chick Paper 40gr 1000mm x 400 mtrs
Chick Trays
Chick Drinkers Minimaster
Choretime Drinker Parts
Choretime Feeder Parts
Citric Acid 25Kgs
Corners 90%
Credence 1000 (6 Tubs x 60 tablets)
D Clamps
Demeter 25kgs
Diaphragm (Lubing)
Diaphragm (Maxiflo)
Disinfectant Mats 190cm x 90cm (25mm)
Disinfectant Mats 85cm x 85cm (25mm)
Disinfectant Verco Mats 3m x 90cm
Disposable Overalls
Distilled Water 5ltrs
Dosatron Parts
Dosatrons, various
Drinker Breather Pipes
Drinker Cord Nylon mtr
Dwyer Manometers
Egg Boxes 1/2 dozen x 300
Egg Picker
Egg Trays 140x 30eggs
Egg Wash 5ltrs
Egg Buffers
Elector 275 ml
Eye Bolts
Eye Wash
Feed Chain 10mtr roll
Feed Couplers
Feeder Legs
Feeder Motors
Ficam W 500gr
Flint Grit 25kgs
Flo Alarms
Fluorescent Waistcoat
Fluoresent Tubes
Fly Spray 750ml
Fly Trap Redtop
Foot Dip Buckets
Foot Dip Sign
Formalin 25ltrs
Formalin Filters
Galvanised Wire Rope, Various
Gel Cleaner
Gloves Click 2000
Gloves Criss Cross Orange
Gloves Latex 100
Gloves Nitrile
Gloves Vinyl 100
Gojo Shampoo 1ltr pouch
Halliard Cord Adjusters
Hand Sanitiser 1000ml
Hand Soap 1000ml
Hen Grit 25kgs
Hooks S & Cup
Humidity Stats
Hydor Fans
Hydrochloric Acid- Spirit of Salt 5ltrs
Hygro-Thermometer Digital
Jack Chain
Knapsack Sprayer 16ltrs
Laundry Powder 8.1kgs
LB White Parts
Light Bulbs, Various
Light Fittings Dimmable Fluorescent
Loo Paper 2ply 320 sheets 36 rolls
Louvre Blade 120mm, 4 Mtrs
Louvre Blade 85mm, 4 Mtrs
Louvre Blade Pivot Pin 3.9mm
Lubing Drinker Systems
Lubing Parts
Lubing Pressure Regulators
Lux Meter
Maggots 20kgs
Mask Full Face
Masks- 3M 8822 pack 10
Masks- FFP3 pack 5
Masks- RESPAIR 1 pack 20
Maxiflo Pressure Regulator Black & White
Maywick Canopy Brooder
Maywick Canopy Brooder Parts
Maywick HH Box Heater
Maywick HH Box Heater Parts
Metal Cord Slides
Mitex 25kgs
Neporex 20kgs
No Entry Sign
Orffa Aqua pH
Overshoes Blue 100
Overshoes Elasticated 25 pairs
Oveshoes With Tie 50 pairs
Oyster Shells 25kgs
Paper Bags 25kg
Paper Wiping Roll
Percla 25kgs
Pidvet 1kgs
Plasson Bell Drinker Complete
Plasson Bell Drinker Parts
Polythene Roll
Potassium Permanganate 25kgs
Poultry Shield 1 ltrs
Poultry Shield 5 ltrs
Priva Boxer Heater
Priva Boxer Heater Parts
Proximity Switch
PVC Coated Rain Suit
Rachet Chain Tensioner bar and chains
Raco Force Paste 5kgs
Raco Mouse Bait 10kgs
Raco Wholegrain Rat Killer 10kgs
Raco Wholegrain Rat Killer 5kgs
Rainbow Bowl Drinker
Rainbow Bowl Drinker Parts
Redam Air Inlets & fasteners
Rock Salt
Romax Std Bait Box
Rotamaid Egg Basket 100/200
Rotomaid Base
Rotomaid Bucket
Rotomaid Complete 100 /200
Roundup Glyfo 20ltrs
Roundup Glyfo 5ltrs
Roxell Feeder Parts
Salkil 25kgs
Scale Digital Weighing 25kgs Elect
Scale Hanging Dial 25kg
Scale Salter Eggs
Soap Dispensers
Solvextra 20ltrs
Sorex Super Fly Spray 450ml
Spy 2kgs
Sticky Fly Roll 9m x 0.3m
Sticky Paper 300 x 600 mm
Sting Ray 5ltrs
Stock Marker Spray
Suspension Cord Yellow 200mtr
Thermal Foggers
Thermometers Digital Max/Min
Top Combi Nipple 360%
Traffic Film Remover 25ltrs
Troughing Breeder 10ft length
Troughing Broiler 10ft length
Twenty One 1kg
Tyrant 50/50 SE 500ml
Tyrant 50/50 SE 5ltrs
Tyrant Super ME 5ltrs
Vac Pack Plus
Vac- Safe Tub 100 tablets
Vitamins- D3 Extra 25ltrs
Vitamins- D3 Extra 5ltrs
Vitamins-Multivit Plus 5Ltrs
Vitamins-Poultry Tonic 1ltr
Vitamins-Shell Aid 1ltr
Vitamins-Solulyte 5ltrs
Water Alarm
Water Filter
Winch Safety
Winch Standard (Non safety)
Woods 670mm (24") Fan
Woods 670mm (24") Impeller
Woods 670mm (24") Motor
Woods 710mm Fan
Ziehl 500 mm Fan
Ziehl 630 mm (24") Fan
Ziehl 710 mm (28") Chimney Fan
Ziehl 710 mm (28") Wall Mounted Fan

BioLink disinfectants, cleaners, fumigants, descalers, sanitisersElanco developing products that positively affect food animal production and livestock healthPelGar is focussed on two sectors of the public health market; insecticides and rodenticidesThe Kiotechagil and Optivite divisions supply high-performance natural feed additives to enhance health, efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture and agricultureLODI are renowned for the Raco, Digrain and Phobi pest control ranges that are marketed for Public, and Animal healthThe world’s favourite broiler drinking system carries the Lubing name. The reputation for high performance, absolute quality and longevity means that few broiler producers look elsewhere

Poultry Product Range

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